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What is a strong woman?

To be strong goes beyond muscular strength. A strong woman is capable in mind, body, and spirit. A strong woman is firm and secure in mind, body, and spirit. A strong woman is courageous and energetic. A strong woman seeks stability. A strong woman is secure in her beliefs, convictions, and values.

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Where did the idea of Woman-strong! come from?

The idea of Woman-strong! came from reading social media posts, talking with women, and watching short media clips on social media sites. It came from watching women on reality TV shows like Shark Tank.

I’ve learned that many a woman-strong woman is like a duck: they appear composed and put together on the surface, but many are paddling like Hell just to stay afloat. I’ve learned that a woman-strong woman can have not-so-strong days, but they pick themselves up and get back on track as quickly as possible. I’ve learned that a woman-strong woman doesn’t use their struggles, handicaps, or misfortunes as an excuse. Instead, they hold their heads high and begin the next day with and “I know I can” attitude.

What is a woman-strong woman?

Woman-strong describes a woman who is strong in her beliefs, her convictions, and her values. It describes a woman who is strong enough to admit when she is wrong, strong enough to search for the truth when she doesn’t know the answers, but strong enough to question authority when it seems to go astray. She is strong enough to stand on the side of what she believes is right even though the majority of women seem to be opposing her.

A woman-strong woman is comfortable with herself and is usually her own best friend. She has encountered opportunities and experiences and has learned, grown, and developed into the person she is today. In addition, she has also learned from opportunities she has missed.


A woman-strong woman realizes that her past has given shape to her attitude, personality, and soul, but she does not use her past as an excuse.

A woman-strong woman is not always strong. There are times life whips her around like a hurricane, but she picks herself up and works hard to begin living life again.

Are you woman-strong?

Woman-strong’s Mission

The mission of Woman-strong! is to help you

  • develop a woman-strong attitude and personality.
  • return to a woman-strong attitude and personality.
  • support and encourage your woman-strong attitude and personality.

Woman-strong! IS always evolving.

A Woman-strong! woman, like every woman I know, is constantly growing and changing.

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