• Your attitude is under your control.

    It’s ALL About Your Attitude

    3 things to do in the morning to change your attitude for the day. I grew up in a decade where the elementary school dress code expected girls to wear dresses or a skirt and blouse. For most of us,…

  • Wellness

    The Difference Between Living and Existing

    Do you live life, or do you just exist? If you look up the definition of “to live” you will find that one of the definitions states “to experience or enjoy to the full” (dictionary.com), but Mirriam-Webster’s definition gives a…

  • Wellness

    It May Be On Your Bucket List,

    But When Will You Do It? Have you ever found yourself saying, “One day I’d like to try ___.” OR “One day I’d like to go ___.” OR “One day I’d like to ___.” (fill in the blank with something…

  • Have you started yet?

    What Is the ONE Thing Holding You Back?

    Could it be that procrastination standing between you and getting ahead? How do you conquer procrastination? As a student, I found procrastination occasionally made my grades suffer. If there were other activities that interested me more, I waited to complete…