• The world is yours. What will you do today?
    Life after 50

    Give Up? – NEVER!

    I heard the phrase “give up” in numerous forms throughout my life. No one literary told me to “give up.” Instead, I heard “You can’t . . .” or “Why bother . . .” or “You probably won’t like .…

  • Self-care

    Let Your Work Speak For Itself

    I love watching the initial auditions for the shows America’s Got Talent, The Voice, and American Idol. I love the people with raw, un-polished talent. I love the talented people who met with misfortune and are working hard to get…

  • Don't worry about setting the bar too high.

    Where Have You Set The Bar?

    Bar? What bar? The bar to what you feel you have done at least what is necessary, OR the bar to what you feel is your “excellent.” My freshman year in high school, my schedule included geometry. Geometry? I had…

  • Your attitude is under your control.

    It’s ALL About Your Attitude

    3 things to do in the morning to change your attitude for the day. I grew up in a decade where the elementary school dress code expected girls to wear dresses or a skirt and blouse. For most of us,…