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    Live Intensely

    January and February. The months, at least in the Northern portion and central strip of the USA, that can be the most depressing of the whole year. Those months that are too cold or too rainy/snowy to get out of…

  • February is a time to reflect and refocus.
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    With a Turn of the Page

    It’s Saturday morning. A morning to hopefully sit for a few moments with a cup of coffee or tea or hot chocolate and relax before your day begins. Ok, maybe you need to put that first load of laundry in…

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    Don’t Put That Dream Aside

    I love listening to Shark Tank, The Profit, and Bar Rescue. Budding entrepreneurs and struggling entrepreneurs trying to convince at least one investor to take a gamble on them, their brand, and their product.  Sometimes they share their journey of…

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    Not Tomorrow – TODAY!

    It seems like 2018 just rolled into 2019, but last week, I turned the calendar over to August. For years as a student, and then as a teacher, I considered August the beginning of a new year. New school clothes,…

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    Let Your Dreams Motivate You

    What is it you want to do in life? Go ahead. Brainstorm. Take out that sheet of paper and write down some of the things you want to accomplish in life. Me? I want to share my writing and my…

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    Facing the “Have to’s”

    When I was growing up, my parents instilled in me that the “have to’s” and “must to’s” come before the “want to’s” at an early age.     You must eat your vegetables if you want dessert. You must clean…