Won’t you join me on my porch?

Let’s chat over a cup of coffee.


Coffee isn’t your thing?

That’s ok. Grab a cola, or iced tea, or lemonade from the fridge. I’ll put some cookies, coffee cake, or even freshly baked banana bread (Yummy!) on a plate for us to share.


Hi!   I’m Rebecca (Becky) Kojetin: writer – blogger – speaker – multi-faceted creative.

How ya doin’?


about how YOU can be the best YOU that YOU can be.

While I was still employed as a high school teacher (I retired in 2014), starting on the first somewhat warm weekend, I brought my coffee out to the cafe table on my driveway. At that time, I didn’t live in a house with a porch (A porch became a deal breaker when we searched for our home in Tennessee.) so I sat with my neighbor on the drive, enjoyed coffee, and chatted. This weekend event became a regular event (almost every day) in the summer months.

As I write this, I know that I am constantly changing, growing, and evolving. I have learned (and I am still learning) the lessons that life is handing me. I’m learning to hoist my sails, even during life’s storms, and navigate through life seeking to be the best person I can possibly be.

I want this for YOU too.

I’d like to share with YOU my tools, techniques, “hacks,” knowledge, insights, and stories. I’d like to share what I learn from reading and my own research. I’d like to help you become the BEST YOU that you can be.

It is my intention to explore and share life from my perspective – the perspective of a not-so-retired-feeling teacher; a parent with 35 years of experience (as of April 2019); a transplant from Illinois to Tennessee; and a living, breathing, learning individual journeying to being the best form of myself that I can be.

I hold the idea that everyone  – young or old, female or male, working or retired – can be empowered to live life with passion and purpose and not just let life drag us along.


COFFEE ON MY PORCH is ___ blog. (Fill in the blank.)

  • a lifestyle blog.
  • a personal development blog.
  • an inspirational blog.


it could fall into one of many other categories.

That’s for you to decide.


I began my life journey in 1958, which means I’ve traveled around the sun some … Well, you can figure out my age if you really want to. In a single year (365 days), I’ve traveled 584 million miles. My journey has been full of bumpy roads, detours, mountains, and deserts; it has also been full of beautiful sunrises, spectacular sunsets, and perfect days. It is, however, how I have embraced this journey and how I have dealt with all of life’s problems that have shaped my life and who I am.

I have leaned on the support of relatives, cried on the shoulder of friends, and had long soul-searching talks with many people in my life, and I have returned the favor when needed.

I’ve weathered high school and college; births and deaths; marriage and divorce. I’ve had a career and still had to work a second job. I’ve felt drained from the work of tossing the balls of responsibility around in my daily juggling act. I’ve struggled raising children during divorce. I’ve felt friendless and alone, but on the other hand, I feel good about the friends I do have.

I began teaching in 1980. In the years I taught, I worked with over 5,000 students between the ages of 10 and 21. I saw students let depression, despair, and frustration guide them in their life choices. I saw students follow the wrong crowd like lemmings rushing to the sea. But, I also helped students struggle to change their lives and become a better version of themselves.

In addition to teaching the subjects of junior high school/high school English/language arts, high school theater and speech, and elementary math and science, I helped my students to become the best version of themselves by sharing my stories, examples, and insights into life with them.



  • Return, here, to the porch for conversations about growing up, growing old, and living life in an attempt to help you become the best YOU that YOU can be.





How can I CHALLENGE you?

How can I EMPOWER you?

How can I HELP you?

.    .    .    to be the BEST version of YOU that YOU can be.

Let me know. You can drop me an email at rebecca@coffeeonmyporch.com

See you soon.