About the Speaker.


“To be, or not to be.” No wait. That’s Shakespeare.

“I come before you, to stand behind you, and tell you something I know nothing about.” Nope, that is from poem from an anonymous author.


As a teacher, Rebecca motivated her high school students to be the best person they could be while teaching the subjects of literature, writing, theater, and speaking.

In 2010, she joined Toastmasters and developed an number of speeches and literary presentations.

Now, she is preparing to speak to your group beginning in the fall of 2020 on inspirational and informative topics.



The college Rebecca attended (which merged with another university in the 1990s) determined her major. In fact, every student at her college majored in education. What would you expect from a college named National College of Education?

It did, however, require students to choose a major and minor “concentration” or focus. Rebecca finally settled on communications, an umbrella that included literature, writing, public speaking, and theater.

Although she graduated in 1980 and accepted her first teaching job for that fall, Rebecca didn’t find a high school position that allowed her to use her “concentration” education until the fall of 1983. There she taught literature, writing, public speaking, and theater.

When her children entered middle school, she realized it would be better to teach in the same district that so the school calendars matched.

After a few years, Rebecca was asked if she would be interested in teaching the public speaking elective that the district was bringing back. Her response was a no-brainer. She had loved teaching the course and would be glad to be teaching it again.

Since she had not taught speech in several year, she thought it might be a good idea to put herself in the position of her students. She decided to investigate Toastmasters where she would be in the position of preparing and delivering speeches. She completed her “Competent Communicator” manual, a couple of elective manuals, and participated in the contests that Toastmaster’s organizes. Although Rebecca has taken a hiatus from Toastmasters for the last two years, she is looking to become involved in the near future.