About the Musician.

Rebecca comes from a musical family. Growing up, there was never a family gathering that didn’t include a meal before which grace was sung, and if they gathered for a birthday, “Happy Birthday” was included. In fact, many of her extended family have been, and still are, involved in music in some way.

In first grade, Rebecca could be found at Saturday morning choir school through church. It was there that she learned basic music theory and the skills of singing in a choir.

Every year, when school started, so did choir school. The morning was divided between music theory, choir rehearsal, crafts, and Bible study.

It nurtured her love of music and singing, prompting involvement in junior high school and high school choirs.

When Rebecca entered third grade, her mother decided that she was old enough for piano lessons. Her mother’s theory was that if Rebecca wanted to play any other instrument later on, she needed to learn piano because it taught a wide range of musical concepts, and included bass and treble clef with both hands moving at the same time.

In fifth grade, the school district implemented a program called Music in our Schools. Fifth graders could learn how to play string instruments, and sixth graders could learn wind instruments (either woodwind or brass). Rebecca chose the violin.

She played with the school orchestras in junior high school, high school, and college, as well as playing with Rockford Area Youth Symphony while she was in high school.

  • Rebecca continues to play both violin and piano.
  • From 2010 – 2015, she played with Rock Valley College and Community Orchestra in Rockford, Illinois.
  • Since 2015, Rebecca has been playing with Spring Hill Orchestra.
  • Rebecca plays solo on and off the town square in Columbia, Tennessee, for the First Fridays event- on the first Friday of each month, business stay open late, food trucks roll in, and music abounds around the town square.
  • Rebecca has also taught piano and is currently teaching violin.

If you live in the southern half of Middle Tennessee and need a violinist/fiddler or pianist, email her at rebecca@rebeccakojetin.com.