• Renovating life
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    Renovation of Life in 20/20

    If you see with 20/20 vision, optometrists consider you to have perfect vision. In life, however, vision refers to looking ahead to where you are headed in your journey. What is your vision for your life in the year 2020?…

  • Women who invest in themselves go further.
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    Investing in Yourself

    Good morning. How is your new year going? Are you sticking to your resolutions or did you do something other than making resolutions? Are you investing in yourself? One of the best ways to grow your self-confidence is to invest…

  • Well-Being

    Don’t Put That Dream Aside

    I love listening to Shark Tank, The Profit, and Bar Rescue. Budding entrepreneurs and struggling entrepreneurs trying to convince at least one investor to take a gamble on them, their brand, and their product.  Sometimes they share their journey of…

  • Well-Being

    Your People, Your Crowd

    As a teacher, I sometimes looked at my high school students and wondered why they spent time with the people they did. Was it the fact that the friend was in the popular crowd? the jocks? the theater geeks? the…

  • Well-Being

    Prioritize Yourself

    Good morning, Monday. Good morning, World. That’s how I’ve been waking up. I open my eyes, look out at the morning sky, and greet the day. Some days, like this morning, I’m awake before dawn. On those days, I close…