Exploring the World ONE Place at a Time, these are the lessons I have learned, the experiences I've had, and a sharing of everything about traveling.

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    A Unique Scavenger Hunt in Panama City Beach

    I love planning vacations and getaways. This year, I planned an eleven-day / ten-night trip to Panama City Beach, Florida, for my birthday. Who doesn’t want to go somewhere warm during part of the winter months? The thought of walking…

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    Add Value to Your Summer with a Stacation

    In the early 1990s, my EX had just started a new job so he had no vacation time. I was involved in collecting continued education hours for my teaching certificate and curriculum writing meetings, and my children were involved with…

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    Camping Season, Where Are You?

    Some five to ten years ago, my hubby and I entertained the idea of becoming full-time campers when we retired. As we approached retirement, however, health issues dictated that we maintain a “sticks and bricks” but camp whenever possible. I…

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    Cruising for the First Time

    We are getting ready to take our FIRST EVER cruise! I’m excited. Although I’ve been traveling since I was in elementary school, I am new to the concept of taking a cruise. I’m not going into this blindly. My mother had…