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    5 Things An Extended Trip in 2020 Taught Me

    In late September, we got home from a seven-week excursion that ended in spending time with my two adult children and their families. Wait! Weren’t you afraid of COVID? Breathe easy. Most of the time when my husband and I…

  • Camping,  Travel

    Camping Season, Where Are You?

    Some five to ten years ago, my hubby and I entertained the idea of becoming full-time campers when we retired. As we approached retirement, however, health issues dictated that we maintain a “sticks and bricks” but camp whenever possible. I…

  • Cruising,  Travel

    Cruising for the First Time

    We are getting ready to take our FIRST EVER cruise! I’m excited. Although I’ve been traveling since I was in elementary school, I am new to the concept of taking a cruise. I’m not going into this blindly. My mother had…