Exploring the World ONE Place at a Time These are the lessons I learned and a sharing of everything about traveling.

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    Although I’ve changed living locations, the winter seasons still seem desolate. Whereas Northern Illinois was cold and snowy and dreary, Middle Tennessee is rainy and dreary between episodes of beautiful sunshine. Most of the trees have shed their leaves, as…

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    10 Things to Take on a Winter Road Trip

    December found my husband’s and my excursion back to Northern Illinois almost railroaded. Due to leave on the Tuesday after Christmas, my two sons called me concerned about us traveling in the ice and snow that was coming down. We…

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    Friendships and marriage and family are all about support – having someone’s back and knowing that they have yours. You may not be interested in what a person wants to share with you, but if that person truly means something…

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    Memorial Day Weekend Camping

    When we decided to go camping for Memorial Day weekend, I didn’t think about everyone else who had the same idea. The campgrounds near home were full, so hubby gave me a 5 hour drive limit.   What I found…

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    Sweeney Tours in St. Croix (Stop #1)

    My husband and I are social people; we talk to people everywhere we go. How else can you find the best local restaurants (Why on Earth would I want to eat at some chain or fast food restaurant on vacation?),…

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    The Call of the Caribbean

    I have always enjoyed photography, but until the advent of digital photography, I found it quite expensive. I still have several rolls of undeveloped film in my basement. Just last week, my husband and I returned from “wandering” down to…