This is one of the most important factors in your journey through life. It focuses on what you do for yourself so that you can live your best life. It is not selfish but necessary to maintain balance in your daily life.

  • Doubt can be crippling.

    How to Kick Doubt Into the Past

    Do you know who you are? Do you know what you stand for? Do you know what you would stand up and fight for and against? Doubt. Have you ever experienced doubt? Doubt about your abilities? Doubt about your choices?…

  • What does success mean to you?

    Your Success Is Up To You

    SUCCESS = Money? Position? Authority? To some people, these may be the badges of success, but to others, success doesn’t fit into a neat word or concept.  When we let other people determine if we are successful or not, we…

  • You won't know your potential until you try.

    Your Best IS Yet To Be!

    Isn’t it great that we don’t know what our future brings? The fact that you DON’T KNOW your future or your potential is extremely freeing. Not knowing allows you to try something. In trying new things, you expand your sense…

  • Self-care

    Is It Too Late?

    When you were in elementary school, what did you want to be? It’s something we as adults ask kids all the time. And for most kids, the response changes numerous times. Doctor, lawyer, actor, musician, or even garbage collector. It…