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Mondays are difficult for many of us. The alarm rings - you hit the snooze button and roll over - How many times? Yup, it's the same for me. Many Monday's I need the proverbial firecracker under my bed just to begin the week. So, that's what I'm aiming for - to be the firecracker under your bed - to be a reason to get up and get motivated for the week. BUT WAIT ... I don't know about you, but I need motivation at other times during the week.

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    Believe In Yourself

    MONDAY MORNING MOTIVATION How do you see yourself? Your accomplishments? Your goals and your desires?   Is it within your reach to lose that weight? Can you possibly live a healthier lifestyle? Can you learn to play the piano? Do…

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    Endless Possibilities

    MONDAY MORNING MOTIVATION IS IT POSSIBLE? IT IS!   Have you ever been told “NO“? Have you ever been told “You can’t do that.” or “You aren’t good enough.“? WHEN THINGS HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE   I remember the musical version…

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    Get Up and Do the Work

    MONDAY MORNING MOTIVATION   I was stopped in my tracks last week when my husband, who has a number of online/messenger/social media friends, tossed his phone onto the table after reading a message from one of these friends. “What’s wrong?”…

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    Mind Over Matter

    MONDAY MORNING MOTIVATION In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can. Nikos Kazantzakis     To BELIEVE in ourselves and our ability is not a new concept, but it is an important concept if we want to…