It is in living that life is worth while.

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    Blogging as a New Career

    I went from high school to college to the work force. Now, after three years of being retired (actually 3 years and 3 months) I am still learning how to live outside the daily grind. THE FIRST CAREER   I…

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    Actions vs Words

    “A LITTLE LESS TALK AND A LOT MORE ACTION.”   Have you ever noticed how certain phrases in songs can stick with you? You don’t necessarily remember the whole song, just the phrase. Then, unfortunately, if you go back to…

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    Calendars and Notebooks to Keep You Organized

    How I Keep My Act Together   I was in college before the Bullet Journal hit the scene. I was teaching high school before the Bullet Journal hit the scene. And, I was raising active, involved children while teaching and…

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    MONDAY MORNING MOTIVATION   “May the next few months be a period of magnificent transformation.” found on “The Berry”   This summer has been all about transformation. Transformation and acceptance of the transformation because transformation is rarely easy. RETIRING AS…

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    Planning for Change

    Happy New Year! Happy changes!   Yes, it is only August, and I said, “Happy New Year!” When I was teaching high school, I would greet my students on the first day of school in August with “Happy New Year!”…