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    Live Intensely

    January and February. The months, at least in the Northern portion and central strip of the USA, that can be the most depressing of the whole year. Those months that are too cold or too rainy/snowy to get out of…

  • February is a time to reflect and refocus.
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    With a Turn of the Page

    It’s Saturday morning. A morning to hopefully sit for a few moments with a cup of coffee or tea or hot chocolate and relax before your day begins. Ok, maybe you need to put that first load of laundry in…

  • Renovating life
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    Renovation of Life in 20/20

    If you see with 20/20 vision, optometrists consider you to have perfect vision. In life, however, vision refers to looking ahead to where you are headed in your journey. What is your vision for your life in the year 2020?…

  • Women who invest in themselves go further.
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    Investing in Yourself

    Good morning. How is your new year going? Are you sticking to your resolutions or did you do something other than making resolutions? Are you investing in yourself? One of the best ways to grow your self-confidence is to invest…

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    Letter to a Friend

    December is . . . National Write a Friend Month Dear Friend, How was your Thanksgiving? Did you get to spend it with your mom and brothers and sisters? I hope so. I know it won’t be long before you…