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Creating a home requires more than just maintaining the physical structure. It requires a certain feeling of safety and security and freedom for the family who dwells within the walls.

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    House Hunting – An Eye-opening Experience

    For the last several years, my husband and I have been talking about moving out of state after I retired. We had discussed, traveled through, and vacationed in the states we were thinking about before we decided on a specific…

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    Happy New Year! Say What? It’s August.

    Do you think it’s funny that I am wishing you a Happy New Year in August? After all, we celebrate the new year as December turns to January. But let’s look at what happens in January as the new year begins. Many…

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    I See Winter Aliens. Do You?

    Here in the Mid-west the snow is falling and the wind is blowing. We are having a blizzard. The drive is covered, and even though the plow came through our neighborhood late this morning, it needs to come through again.…

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    Puppy Love (Part 2)

    Since I retired from my teaching position in June, my husband has been trying to convince me that our pointer/lab mix, Pepper, needs a playmate. For me, one dog and one cat are enough; I’m already playing a lot of…