Whatever your relationship status with the vast number of types of relationships, a relationship requires work in the areas of communicating and listening, freedom and trust, and everything inbetween.

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    5 Ways to Cultivate Good Family Relationships

    Important ideas in stressful times Family. We all have one whether we want to acknowledge them or not. In the wake of COVID lockdowns and social distancing, concern about passing on the virus to our older generation relatives kept us…

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    An Experiment Comes to an End

    Meet Glenda, our camper.   On September 13, 2018, we embarked on a month long camping trip. It started out as a possible week long trip to Northern Illinois for my youngest son’s wedding, but it soon morphed into a…

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    Lean On Me

    Our lesson today comes from the words in Bill Withers’s song “Lean on Me” from 1972. Life can be hard. It can throw us curve balls that we aren’t expecting. How do you react when life gets difficult? Do you…