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Creativity and being creative help reduce stress, relieve boredom, develop problem-solving skills, in addition to a host of other issues and life experiences.

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    Using/Overusing Adjectives and Adverbs

    When I think about adjectives and adverbs, Schoolhouse Rock educatisements (education + advertisement) come to mind. Do you remember them? I used them to teach parts of speech to my Freshman English students. The first season of the Schoolhouse Rock…

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    Creativity: A Definition

    According to Wikipedia, CREATIVITY is the phenomenon where something new and somehow valuable is formed. I love this definition because it is so far from what I consider to be the definition of creativity. One of the things I love…

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    When I was teaching high school creative writing, I constantly heard, “I can’t figure out what to write about.” It is difficult for some people to realize the wealth of ideas that surround them. Some days find me sitting at…

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    Learning About Photography Online

    I enrolled myself in Photography 101 to kick my butt back into carrying my camera and taking pictures. I love photography, but I have gotten lazy. Today’s assignment focuses on “home and getting oriented.” There are so many ways to…

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    Vibrant: Friday Photo Challenge

    Although I’ve changed living locations, the winter seasons still seem desolate. Whereas Northern Illinois was cold and snowy and dreary, Middle Tennessee is rainy and dreary between episodes of beautiful sunshine. Most of the trees have shed their leaves, as…