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Creativity and being creative help reduce stress, relieve boredom, develop problem-solving skills, in addition to a host of other issues and life experiences.

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    Getting Back to my Creative Life

    CREATIVE ME My creativity and imagination developed at an early age. My parents encouraged and nurtured my creativity. My mother further aided it by limiting my time in front of the television. It helped that my parents were creative people.…

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    Planning Does NOT Equal Action

    From my teaching years, I learned to plan. I can plan with the best of them. You know, plan your day, plan the party, plan your errands so you spend less time running around and in traffic. Planning a unit…

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    Yes, I Am A Writer!

    It has been more than 15 years since I sat at my first writer workshops or attended my first writer group. Since then, “I am a writer.” has graced many workshops and conferences I have attended, and it has been…

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    Why Write?

    This weekend, one of the posts on my Facebook feed asked the group’s members, “Why do you write?” Have you ever thought about this? What is it that draws you to put your pen to the paper or your fingers…

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    Using/Overusing Adjectives and Adverbs

    When I think about adjectives and adverbs, Schoolhouse Rock educatisements (education + advertisement) come to mind. Do you remember them? I used them to teach parts of speech to my Freshman English students. The first season of the Schoolhouse Rock…