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Have You Checked On Your Attitude Lately?

These days as the world is still trying to comprehend ever-changing information and expectations regarding COVID, the opening up of businesses and schools and events, and the world of work; it is easy to wake up in a negative mood. It’s been a long 13 months here. I know how easy it is to wake up in a negative mood and unmotivated for the day.

In my case, COVID restrictions are coupled with so much more: the chaos of still going through the boxes and stuff inherited over the last five and a half years, the continued concern over bills and money issues (Isn’t that most of us lately?), household repairs, and health issues. It’s easy to go to bed at night and let the “what if’s” play through my mind as I contemplate what to get done the next day. It’s easier to crawl back under the covers and go back to sleep after getting Hubby his morning medications and taking the dogs out than it is to stand in front of the mirror and tackle the day with positivity.

I get it. BUT . . .

So, if positivity creates positivity, how do you get as far as the initial positivity?

There are six rituals you can use to begin fostering a positive attitude.

  1. When you set your morning alarm, choose a tune that instills a positive attitude. Whether it is just a melody that makes you feel good or a clip of a song that pumps you up, use it for your alarm. For most of us, the alarm is what breaks the silence of sleep. Why not make the alarm something that is positive?
  2. When you swing your legs over the side of the bed, greet the day with “Look out world. I’m up.”
  3. Find an affirmation that you can tell yourself in the mirror in the morning. Telling yourself that you are going to have a good day or a productive day adds to the possibility that you will truly be successful.
  4. Get dressed. That should go without saying, but some mornings it is so much easier to just slink out of the bedroom in your pajamas or the old clothes that you would wear to paint the house because if you get them full of paint, you can throw them out. Put on some clothes that make you feel good about yourself. Brush your hair. Put on your jewelry.
  5. Follow Julia Cameron’s advice and write morning pages. In short, these are mind-dump pages that you write in ten minutes. Release the negativity onto the page. Release your fears and concerns. Write for a solid ten minutes. (NOTE: And if I’m on a roll, I continue until I need to leave for the morning or until everything is on the paper – even if what you write repeats itself every single day.
  6. Have something for breakfast. My favorite go-to breakfast is a mixture of peanut butter and local honey and an oat square or wheat square cereal without milk.

Try one or all of these rituals for a week and see if they don’t affect your attitude and let me know how it goes for you.

Thanks for reading.

I would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, and questions in the comment section below.

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