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Action Equals Success

I’ve started this article far too many times today. It always sounds like I am sitting here complaining. And so I begin again in an attempt to sound more proactive and uplifting.

I grew up with the saying, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.” In other words, instead of complaining, take some kind of action.

I grew up with the saying, “The early bird catches the worm.” Yup, you guessed it, be forward acting and forward doing so that you will be at the head of the pack.

And yes, I’ve slipped at both of thos.

But the older I get and the more I do, I realize that Picasso has it correct. If I take no action, I will surely find no success in anything I do.

In the last couple of years, I’ve chosen a specific word that rings true to me that guides my year. It’s so much easier to remember one word than a list of resolutions. This word you choose should fit all areas of your life.

My word is “success.”

I’m not focusing on success as it applies to popularity, profit, or prosperity; I’m talking about successfully tackling everything I start. Over the decades, I’ve started numerous project, tried numerous diets, planned to exercise and get healthy; but each and every year, I tend to fall short of my own expectations, lose focus, and fail to be successful in my every day life.

What has always been missing from my ability to be successful is the consistency to take action. To make sure that every single day I take some sort of action to be successful in the end.

We are getting to the time of January when many people are starting to allow the resolutions they set on January 1 become an unrealized dream. Please, today, pick up the building blocks of action and place them in the foundation you are building that will see you through to success.

As you move through your day to day tasks and responsibilities,

please remember to live life,

keep things simple,

and smile at people with your eyes.

Life as I Know It
with Rebecca Kojetin

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