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Be the Survivor You Know You Can Be

Reba McIntyre got it right when she presented the world with the song “I’m a Survivor.” There are so many ways each and everyone of us is a survivor.

To ALL of you out there going through struggles on a daily basis, no matter what your struggle,

Stand up today. Stand strong. Put on that “I got this!” coat and get to work.


Because you are a survivor. You have survived hardship. You have survived tragedy. You have survived adversity. Your struggles are no less important than mine. They were your struggles; they were your experiences; and you learned from them. And I hope you rose above them instead of letting them defeat you.

No one’s struggles and victories have been harder than yours because you are you and those were YOUR experiences.

It drives me nuts when someone is sharing how they survived the tragedy and adversity they faced, and someone else has the audacity to minimize that person’s experience by trying to one-up them. What do I mean? You know. You are talking about how something affected you and the other person interrupts and explains that what you experienced is nothing, that they have experienced much, much worse.

We have ALL experienced adversity in our lives. It shapes our life; it changes the trajectory of our life. And just because your adversity doesn’t fit into someone else’s vision of adversity, it doesn’t mean that what you have gone through is less important to you. And YOU are the only person that your experiences are important to.

Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do something.

Don’t let anybody put you down.

As you move through your day to day tasks and responsibilities,

please remember to live life,

keep things simple,

and smile.

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