Act NOW, for Tomorrow Might Be Too Late

That college degree you wanted to earn. The piano you wanted to learn to play. The book you wanted to write. The trip you wanted to take.

Oh, that’s right. You told me you needed to wait until after your youngest started first grade. No? When your youngest started high school. No? When you became an empty nester. No? When you were in better shape. No? When you had time.

Just when will the “time be right” for you?

The world restrictions that COVID-19 created stopped most of us in our tracks. We lost our jobs, got stuck at home, and had far too much time on our hands. I, for one, am glad that I have taken chances and not waited until the time was just right. Don’t get me wrong; there are still so many things that I want to do, and so many times I did wait until what I thought was “the right time.”

The thing for many of us is the fact that we want to wait until the time is just right.

NEWS FLASH: The time will never be right. It might be your responsibilities that stand in your way. It might be your health, your finances, or your emotional state that stand in your way.

The point is . . .

Let’s look in on a high school class of juniors and seniors.

The class is in a discussion about where they see themselves in five years. One of the boys in the back of the room raises his hand. “I’m going to be playing professional basketball.”

“That’s great,” the teachers says. “What are you doing right now to move you in that direction?”

“What do you mean?”

“Are you on the high school team? Are you looking at colleges where you could further your skills? Do you play with any community teams?”

The student shifts in his seat and scrunches his face. “Naw. I don’t have time for all that. Besides, the coaches have something against me, and I ain’t going to college. I play in my driveway.”

Another student volunteers that she wants to be a star on Broadway, but she isn’t ready to audition just yet for any school play. She would rather wait until she felt ready.

Do you do that? Do you want to do something but find that the time is just not right?

Guess what! There will always be something else to do instead of following a passion.

  • I’m just going to take a year off between high school and college. The timing will be better then.
  • I’m just going to work for a couple of years to save up enough money to start my own business. Then, the time will be right.
  • I’m just going to wait till the end of the month to apply for that promotion. By that time, my bosses will notice my hard work.


  • You never went to college after that year because something else came up.
  • You never started your own business because something else came up.
  • You never got that promotion because something else came up.

I’ve got a “thing” for writing about not waiting until the right time – finding yourself in a “coulda – woulda – shoulda” situations. Here are two older articles that might interest you:

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So, for today – – – – – – –

Think of ONE thing that you have always wanted to do but that you were waiting until the time was right. (propose to the one you love, write that book, switch jobs, go back to school, and the list goes on.)

Next, find a sheet of paper. At the top write that one thing. Divide it into two columns. The first column label “why I’ve been waiting to do this;” the second column label “steps to take to achieve this goal.”

That’s right. This is a goal.

Even proposing to the one you love is a step toward an end goal. The goal of a happy and fulfilled life with the person you love.

You are brainstorming here. Why have you been waiting? Set a timer for 10 minutes and list everything that comes to mind. You might be surprised to learn why you’ve put off this goal time and time again.

Then, set the timer for another 10 minutes and list all the steps you need to take to achieve this goal. Break it down into as many different steps as you need to.

The Take-Away

I don’t really want to be a “Debbie Downer,” but even if you start today toward that goal, you might not ever reach it. Even people who start early sometimes never get to the finish line.


also realize that if you don’t start, you will never know the potential you have.

Don’t wait until the time is right because there is never going to be a time that is “just right.”

As you move through your day to day tasks and responsibilities,

please remember to live life,

keep things simple,

and smile at people with your eyes.

Life as I Know It
with Rebecca Kojetin

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