It May Be On Your Bucket List,

But When Will You Do It?

One day or day one. You decide.

Have you ever found yourself saying,

“One day I’d like to try ___.”


“One day I’d like to go ___.”


“One day I’d like to ___.”

(fill in the blank with something on your bucket list)

“One Day” is not a day on the calendar, nor is it a holiday in any given month during the year. Yet, too many of us wait for “One Day.” We list things we want to do, try, or accomplish on a Bucket List, and that list grows.

BUT . . .

Before you know it, the years have passed. Instead of accomplishing anything on that Bucket List or checking things off your list of goals, those lists remain unrealized. Then, your brain begins to tell you to delete some of the things on that list because of health issues or because you are just too old. Worse yet, you might begin to believe that what you once wanted to try is just not worth the effort.


(A favorite word of my grandmother’s.)

“One Day” will NEVER come. The conditions will never be good enough. The timing will never be just right. Your finances will never be enough to allow you to splurge like you think you want to. Your health will never be at its most optimum.





IS DAY ONE instead of ONE DAY!

Late August / early September has always signaled a new year (well, maybe just since my freshman year in high school – 1972) . When I started teaching in the 1980’s, I began greeting my classes with “Happy New Year!” My students thought that I had lost my mind.


The first day of school in the fall is a new year for students. Most students are beginning a new grade level; and teachers, especially if they are teaching the same levels they taught the previous year, are starting back at the beginning of the grade level.

I firmly believe a new year means new chances. I firmly believe a new year means the ability to grow and change.


If we shift our concept of “One Day” to “Day One,” the outcome will change.

Instead of “One Day” I will, believe that TODAY is “Day One.”

Instead of “One Day” I will lose weight and get in shape, believe that TODAY is “Day One” and begin today.

  • Try recording your steps on your phone and add 10 more steps tomorrow.
  • Try recording what you eat in a food journal (record both what you eat and how much).
  • Try making ONE change tomorrow like drinking one more glass of water and eliminating one can of soda.

Instead of “One Day” I will try ___ (fill in blank with an activity you have always wanted to try), set a deadline for that experience TODAY.

  • Take into consideration your finances and physical condition when you set that deadline.
  • Put a little money away each week or each month in an envelope for that experience.
  • Work a little bit each day to get your physical condition where it needs to be.

Don’t think it’s doable?

This past week we have been staying in our camper in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. One of our Bucket List items has been to try ziplining. People we have talked to have told us that we will love it. Over the past 5 to 10 years, we have had the opportunity to try ziplining, but we have never scheduled the time or money for it. We always came around with “Next Time.”

Last October, my husband had a quadruple bypass, and it put life in perspective for us. We have been doing far too much “One Day” and “Next Time,” but that “One Day” or “Next Time” may never come.

We have come to believe that we need to live life, not just exist. So, when the opportunity to zipline the Smokies presented itself, we opted for scheduling the experience instead of saying that “Next Time” might be a better option.

I would love to share pictures of the experience with you or even a GoPro video, but cell phones, GoPros, and anything else that would record the experience was not allowed on the course. BUT . . .

You can check out the Legacy Mountain Zipline tour we took HERE.

Every year has a “Day One.” Every month has a “Day One.” Every week has a “Day One.”

I choose “Day One” instead of “One Day.”

Will you?

Thanks for reading.


As you move through your day-to-day activities and responsibilities, please remember to

Live Life –

Keep Things Simple –

Look for the Positive –



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