How Tough Are You? Tough Enough to Back Up Your Confidence?

I want to begin today by asking you two questions.

Two soul-searching questions.

Do YOU have confidence in your abilities?

Real confidence?


Are YOU tough enough?

I’ve seen it before; heck, I’ve lived it before.

Start by working hard and/or practicing.

Improve your skills and abilities.

Share your goal with someone only to have them tell you, “Do you really think you’re good enough to ___?” (fill in the blank)


“Do you really think you’re ready to ___?” (fill in the blank)


“You’re dreaming if you think you’re going to ___.” (fill in the blank)

Go into the audition or interview.

As you are waiting for your chance, you start questioning if you have prepared enough – if you can really do what you want to do.


You don’t make the team. You don’t get the job. You don’t get the part.

All because you let other people question your ability and didn’t allow your toughness to stand up and say,


What is confidence?

The word “confidence” comes from the Latin root word “fidere” meaning “trust.” (Online Etemology Dictionary)

So, if you have confidence in your ability, YOU trust that YOU have done everything possible to be successful at what YOU plan to attempt.

Confidence IS trust in disguise. Do YOU trust YOURSELF?

How do YOU gain that trust in YOURSELF?

3 things that YOU can do to gain confidence in YOUR ability?


OBSERVE! Want to know if you are good enough? Watch other people like athletes and actors? Ask a gymnast which other gymnast they look up to, ask a golfer, ask a swimmer. OR Ask an actor which actors they watch. The only way to know how good or skilled another person is is by observing them. Then, model their behaviors and skills. And then, when you are at their level, take it up another notch.

IMITATE! Children imitate to learn. Toy makers monopolize on this. Kids “play” house or use a toy lawnmower to “mow the grass” like Mom or Dad. (Watching You by Rodney Atkins.)

Somehow when we get to be adults, we forget that improving our skills and abilities comes, not only from practice, but from imitation.

Confidence is NOT enough. You need to be TOUGH enough to own YOUR confidence.

Four simple lines of a poem have stuck with me since I was a kid. They were the first four lines of a poem that my mother learned for her elocution lessons (lessons that taught one to speak clearly and distinctly). She often recited these four lines for me when it looked like I was going to let the world question me. They are lines that have backed up my confidence up numerous times.

Square your shoulders to the world!
    It's easy to give in -
Lift your chin a little higher!
     You were made to win.

When practice or study seemed to overwhelm me, I say these words; then, stand up straight (a posture of confidence) and hold my head up high (a posture of confidence).

When I felt like quitting, but I knew that I would be upset with myself for quitting, I’d say these words –

When someone questioned my abilities, I’d say these words –

Then, stand up straight (a posture of confidence) and hold my head up high (a posture of confidence).

So –

Practice – observe – practice – imitate – practice – observe – practice – imitate until you are great!

Be tough enough to back up your own confidence so that you can be proud of your accomplishments.

Thanks for reading.


As you move through your day-to-day activities and responsibilities, please remember to

Live Life –

Keep Things Simple –

Look for the Positive –



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