What does success mean to you?
Living Your Best Life

Your Success Is Up To You

"Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you are proud to live." - Anne Sweeney

SUCCESS = Money? Position? Authority?

To some people, these may be the badges of success, but to others, success doesn’t fit into a neat word or concept. 

When we let other people determine if we are successful or not, we let them control our lives.

When a co-worker congratulates you on a promotion, that person is telling you that in their eyes you are successful. 


Do you actually feel successful? Does where you are in your own life and in your own career fit your own terms of success?

Finding your success comes from determining what makes you feel successful.

For example, I try to feel successful in something each day: Today I was successful in getting some exercise by taking my dogs for a walk. Yesterday I was successful in sitting down at the piano and playing a variety of pieces for 30 minutes. When I was teaching, I felt successful when students had retained what they learned and were able to apply it to something else. Some days, I feel that the most success I had was to actually just get out of bed.

I define what makes me feel successful – NOT someone else.

What are your rules for success?

Because of this, I have my own rules, and my rules may or may not fit for others. Since they are my rules to achieve success, I can adjust them as I gain expertise and insight – I can adjust them when life throws me a curve ball.

You have the ability to make your own rules for your success. What do you want to achieve? How long will you allow yourself to reach that achievement? Where will you move yourself on your ladder of success when you achieve a desired level?

Your life is built by the experiences you have, the opportunities you take, and the way you view the world. Your own definition of success and the rules you follow to achieve success help you build your life.

Take some time today to examine where you are in your life. Are you where you want to be? Are you, according to your own definition, successful? What can you do to get to a place where you feel that you are successful? Will you be proud of yourself once you get there?

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