You won't know your potential until you try.

Your Best IS Yet To Be!

Everyone has inside of her a piece of good news. (Anne Frank)

Isn’t it great that we don’t know what our future brings?

The fact that you DON’T KNOW your future or your potential is extremely freeing.

Not knowing allows you to try something. In trying new things, you expand your sense of self, your knowledge of others and the world, and your ability to understand others.

You were exposed to a number of different skills during physical education in elementary and at least middle school (and possibly high school). Some skills you became proficient at while others left you with an attitude of “Why would anyone want to do this?”

Although you may not have become a proficient or professional athlete, learning the ins and outs of the skill and what it takes to perform the skill hopefully gave you a better sense of what you enjoyed or desired to pursue. Hopefully it gave you knowledge and understanding of the complexity of the skill in order to appreciate those people who are proficient at the skills you aren’t.

I watch “kidtrepreneurs” make presentation on Shark Tank that are more impressive than their adult counterparts. I am in awe. The knowledge, the passion, the polished skills some of those “kids” is amazing. I can appreciate what they are doing because I am a Toastmaster, I coached a high school speech team, and I taught public speaking, and I feel that some of those “kids” are more polished than I will ever be.

I love watching athletes, especially ice skaters, swimmers & divers, and gymnasts, because all of them have a coordination, dedication, and skill set that I can only dream of. (NOTE: At almost 62, I am going to the gym to improve my health, but my days of figure skating jumps, record setting times in swimming, and a score of 10 in gymnastics of the uneven parallel bars will never be realized.)

On the other hand, I began working this week on a historical novel. I don’t know if I have the potential to write a historical novel or whether it will be any good. I don’t know if anyone will want to read it.

But I am moving forward with it because I am finding the research fascinating and I am hoping that someone might be interesting in reading it.

What is it that you will try this week that might show you how great you might be, how deep you might love, what you might accomplish, or what your potential might be?

You won’t know if you don’t try. You might not try if you aren’t living with an open mind.

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So for now, may your coffee be just as you like it, may your treats be sweet, and may life treat you well over the next couple of weeks.

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