Women who invest in themselves go further.

Investing in Yourself

Good morning. How is your new year going? Are you sticking to your resolutions or did you do something other than making resolutions?

Are you investing in yourself?

One of the best ways to grow your self-confidence is to invest in yourself.

How can you invest in yourself?

Take time during your day to read. Whether you are reading fiction or non-fiction, reading will expand your mind and increase your knowledge. If you don’t have a habit of reading daily, start with 10 minutes a day. Don’t have money to buy book? No worries. Check out the library or check out public domain books on the internet.

Take time during your day for your personal upkeep. Remembering to put on jewelry or perfume is a self-investment in how you feel about yourself. Change from your pajamas into an outfit for the day can affect how you feel about yourself. Even spending the money to dye your hair can change how you feel.

Take time for learning a new skill. Learn to play an instrument, learn a craft, learn a sport, or learn a new game. Keeping yourself and your mind active will keep you young.

Unplug the electronics and become fully present in the present. Research is now supporting the concept that multi-tasking does not allow us to be fully present in discussions or activities happening around us. Invest in the present. Listen to the people you are communicating with. Be present when you are with your spouse, significant other, children, or grandchildren instead of splitting your focus between them and your phone.

This year, make it a point to invest in yourself.

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