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National Write a Friend Month

Dear Friend,

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you get to spend it with your mom and brothers and sisters? I hope so. I know it won’t be long before you will be on winter break. Maybe you can come visit then. At least you won’t find snow down here.

We had a quiet Thanksgiving Day this year and ate dinner at a local restaurant. It was ok, but I couldn’t see making a big dinner for just the two of us – especially since Hubby doesn’t eat turkey and I do.

Soon, it will be Christmas. Have you started your shopping yet?

I got a couple of things purchased for the grandkids today. It feels strange not to have the massive Christmas shopping list like I had when my kids were little, but with family in so many directions, we don’t get together anymore. It will be a quiet Christmas for us this year.

I saw the picture you posted of your new granddaughter on social media. She is adorable. How many grandchildren does that now make? I bet you have fun on holidays.

I hope this letter finds you well, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

A short letter (or even a short message, hand-written, in a card) can brighten someone’s day.

A short letter inserted in your Christmas / holiday cards can connect your friend.

As we move through the month of December, try getting into a letter writing habit. Pick three friends. Write a letter on stationery, or pick out a special card for that friend and write a quick note on the inside.

Your friend will appreciate it.

Thanks for reading.

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