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Oscar and Scrooge and Me (sometimes)

October 15 – National Grouch Day

When my boys were young, we watched Sesame Street. One of my kids favorite characters was that matted, green character that lived in a garbage can: Oscar the Grouch.

We all have those days where we are grouchy. You know, those days where we wake up irritable and ready to complain about anything and everything.

Today is a day to check in on our irritability and the issues we complain about. A day to realize that everyone has a grouch within us that can take over if we allow it.

Realize your grouch. Shake hands with your grouch. And tell your grouch that the world isn’t as bad as it feels like.

Learn more about National Grouch Day HERE.

Hi, I’m Becky. (Ok, Rebecca, but I am rarely addressed that way.) I am a writer and a musician with a tendency to enjoy a variety of crafting opportunities. I retired from teaching in 2014 after spending most of my 34 year career teaching in the high school English department: various levels of English (mostly literature and writing), creative writing, public speaking, and theater (acting, directing, and technical theater). As a teacher, I held the philosophy that I wouldn’t give any writing assignment that I personally wouldn’t or couldn’t do. That philosophy strengthened and broadened my own writing.

Thanks for reading.

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