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Don’t Put That Dream Aside

I love listening to Shark Tank, The Profit, and Bar Rescue. Budding entrepreneurs and struggling entrepreneurs trying to convince at least one investor to take a gamble on them, their brand, and their product.  Sometimes they share their journey of hardships to this point in time. I admire these people, even the ones whose ideas don’t have a prayer that their product or business is worth an investment.

They have an idea, a dream, and they are focusing on what it will take to achieve that dream. They have figured out how to move forward. Even when they are denied assistance, they are determined to forge ahead.

This is where I need to be. This is where you need to be.

Forge ahead on your dreams. Look at where you want to be and what you want your life and your personal world to be.

Want to play an instrument? Take lessons.

Want to write a book? Pick up a pen and paper and begin by putting words on the page. (Yes, later, you may need to learn more about what is necessary to write a book.)

Want to run a marathon? Start by taking a walk.

Want to lose weight? Start by ditching some of the foods with empty calories.

Want a better job? Go back to school while you are working.

Hi, I’m Becky. (Ok, Rebecca, but I am rarely addressed that way.) I am a writer and a musician with a tendency to enjoy a variety of crafting opportunities. I retired from teaching in 2014 after spending most of my 34 year career teaching in the high school English department: various levels of English (mostly literature and writing), creative writing, public speaking, and theater (acting, directing, and technical theater). As a teacher, I held the philosophy that I wouldn’t give any writing assignment that I personally wouldn’t or couldn’t do. That philosophy strengthened and broadened my own writing.

Thanks for reading.

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