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My Coffee Mug’s Reminder

Usually, the morning coffee ritual takes place in a clear, 12 ounce mug, but a couple of weeks ago, I unearthed one of my mugs that had writing on it.

For a while, I thought that I grabbed it because it sat on the arm of the recliner better and I could get comfortable as I read.

This morning, I looked at the mug and realized differently.

I realized that somewhere deep within me there is a fear of failure. What if no one reads what I write? What if what I write makes me sound pathetically whiny? What if I get lost? What if no one talks to me?


the opposite scares me as well.

What if my writing gains a following? What if my readers relate to the rant I post? What if I find a beautiful sunset down the road I mistakenly turned down? What if silence is really what I need at that moment?

Remember the saying “Today is the first day of the rest of your life?”

Today is the day to push fear aside and say “I’ve got this.”

Today is the day to push fear aside and say “Wow! This is an adventure.”

Today is the day to push fear aside and say “I will succeed.”

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So for now, may your coffee be just as you like it, may your treats be sweet, and may life treat you well over the next couple of weeks.

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