Let Your Dreams Motivate You

What is it you want to do in life?

Go ahead. Brainstorm. Take out that sheet of paper and write down some of the things you want to accomplish in life.


I want to share my writing and my music, though not together. I want to go zip lining, hike the Appalachian Trail, see the world, ride a roller coaster in every state (I’ve already started this one.), take in as many ghost tours as I possibly can (Again, I’ve started this one.), and . . . the list goes on.

Living close to Nashville got me thinking the other day about how old is too old.

If you watch “American Idol”, you know that you need to be at least 15 to audition but no older than 28.

If you watch “The Voice”, you must be at least 12 years old. There is no “you are too old to audition.”

How about “America’s Got Talent?” You must be at least 15, but again, there is no age cap to audition.

You see, age is a number that should NEVER define you.

As long as you are healthy, why not challenge yourself to reach for the stars.

My mother was in her 80’s when she drove by herself from Rockford, Illinois to visit her friends in Western Canada. She was equipped with her cell phone and “Onstar” and a rubber lizard companion that rode on her dashboard. I helped her plan the trip, and she called every night when she stopped.

Laura Ingalls Wilder published “Little House in the Big Woods” when she was 65.

Anna Mary Robertson Moses painted her first canvas at the age of 76.

Charles Darwin published “On the Origin of the Species” at age 50.

Betty White was 51 when she became a household name.

Ronald Reagan switched from acting to politics at age 55.

Reach one of your goals? Set a new one.

Have something you have dreamed about doing? Don’t just dream it – DO IT!

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So for now, may your coffee be just as you like it, may your treats be sweet, and may life treat you well over the next couple of weeks.

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