Have No Regrets

Live spontaneously. Live for the right now. Take an opportunity that is presented to you even though it scares you to death.

WAIT!          –        WAIT!          –        WAIT!

I’m not saying, “Go out and do stupid dangerous shit.”

What I’m trying to say is that when opportunity presents itself to you, before you say no – weigh taking the opportunity against passing it up.

Sometimes we just have to pull up our big kid pants, take a deep breath, and forge ahead.

Let me tell you a story about regrets that came back to my mind when I was talking with my granddaughter a couple of weeks ago.

In the spring of 1967, I was in third grade, and my grandmother asked me to go with her on a vacation to Canada. She was headed to the Montreal World’s Fair. She asked me to come along more than once, but each time I turned her down. My mom even urged me to go, but I didn’t jump on the opportunity.


This many years later, I have no idea why.

Looking back, I wish I had been open to accepting the opportunity. Maybe other trips would have been in my grasp, but the opportunity never did present itself.

Although only 9 years old at the time, I learned a powerful lesson and began to accept opportunities that has taken years to sink in.


Opening myself to opportunity allowed me to

go on a field trip to Mexico with my Spanish teacher

go to Denmark  to play with the orchestra International Youth Music Festival: People to People

complete my educational specialist degree in administration as a part of a pilot program with the district where I taught (Rather than employ administrators outside of the district, they wanted to pull and train teachers to be administrators.)

move to a different state

Be aware of what can become a “coulda – shoulda – woulda” opportunity. Don’t let the things you don’t do become disappointments.

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So for now, may your coffee be just as you like it, may your treats be sweet, and may life treat you well over the next couple of weeks.

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