Opportunity VS Obstacle

Obstacle = something that blocks the easy journey along your path in life.

If we find that obstacle to insurmountable, it stops us from going forward.

We block opportunity with obstacles.

The “I’m scared” obstacle hit me in the face when I was ousted out of the theater position where I had built a strong program. It was that experience that led me to send out my resume after almost 20 years of teaching.

Sending the resume was easy, but deep down, I was scared to transfer to a different school district. I’d lose my seniority, and I’d have to build a student following once again.

If those concerns were enough, the “what if’s” kept slapping me in the face: “What if I don’t like it?” “What if I get surplussed?” “What if the school and the district and the program aren’t a good fit?”

“But,” my husband countered after I had set up an interview, “what if you do like it? What if you don’t get surplussed? What if it is a good fit? What if this is a great opportunity to conquer a fear?”

The “I don’t have the skills” obstacle OR “I don’t know how to …” obstacle are excuses that stop us from achieving our dreams.

Lack of skills and not knowing how to do something are weak excuses as well because there are so many online opportunities to improve your skills and knowledge. Whether it is a single paid class from one of the online “school” sites, or an online university, or a free series of workshops, or even just doing your own research and reading, you have the ability to improve your skills and knowledge.

The “I’m not worthy of ___” obstacle can stop you from even trying.

Instead of feeling you aren’t worthy of that promotion you desire, look up the job requirements and play a game with yourself that has you looking at the co-workers who also have the potential to get the promotion. Do they have each requirement? Are you better at the requirements? What can you do to improve yourself?

You see, I’ve learned that obstacles are really just excuses, and far too often we accepted where we are and have gotten good at excuses.

Isn’t it time to look at opportunities and believe that you are capable of achieving your goals and desires?

What will you do today to look at an opportunity and say “I CAN do this!”

Thanks for reading.


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