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Organizing Life

Organizing STUFF is easy compared to organizing LIFE. (For example, this article should have been published last week, but life interfered.)

LIFE has a way of saying,

“Hey, you thought you had a plan for the day/week. I’ve got news for you. Things aren’t going to go the way you planned. So, now what are you going to do?”

I’ve been dealing with the inconsiderateness of LIFE, regarding my schedule, for what seems like forever.

I remember, in eighth grade, the announcement for auditions for the musical “The Wizard of Oz.” I was super excited. I wanted to be involved. I wanted to be on stage.

Then, LIFE decided that getting sick would abort my plans. Well, in the end, life only semi-aborted my plans. I did go to school the day of auditions, but after being sick and returning to school a day or two too early, I got excessively dizzy and almost passed out during my audition. I found myself in the seated chorus in the orchestra pit. But, hey, I was still involved.

In raising kids, LIFE never relented in interfering in my plans: baby urp down the back of my shirt as I’m just about to leave for work, an ear infection that needs medical intervention, a broken arm, a forgotten purchase for a homework project.

Even now that my children are grown and are married, or soon to be married, you might think that life has been kind to me. To that thought I give you a resounding “No!”

I would love to have a routine schedule, but with the number of things LIFE is throwing at me these days, my juggling act is getting more and more complex: doctor appointments and neuropathy therapy with my husband, chiropractor appointments, pets, right now transporting hubby’s brother because we are waiting the title to his truck so it can be renewed, discussions with people. Need I go on?

What I have come to realize is that flexibility in organizing LIFE is the most important thing when trying to get things done. I would love to get up every morning and read or write while I drink my coffee, but since hubby likes to schedule appointments for first thing in the morning, I can’t always do that. I am learning how to keep my motivation through the day so that when we get home, I don’t shut down and find nothing accomplished on my “to do” list by the time I crawl into bed.

And when some tasks don’t get finished or I don’t get to them at all, I simply move them to the next day. I don’t schedule long, complicated projects or tasks on days I know LIFE will get in the way, and I make sure to gain a concept of how long a project or task will take.

How do you schedule your day when LIFE gets hectic?

Thanks for reading.


As you move through your day-to-day activities and responsibilities, please remember to

Live Life –

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