Dream Big!

If you are going to dream, why not dream big? Why not challenge yourself to set your goals high?

Yesterday I participated in a Vision Board Workshop with my Writing Goal Group. It’s the fifth or sixth time I’ve created one, and I have made it one of the ways I prepare myself for the journey through the year.

It helps me to see my goals. To be surprised at what I start out with and see what impacts me as I begin to construct my board.

My dreams this year scare me:

  • I want to complete my first novel and get it published. It puts my words and ideas out there to readers to form an opinion of my story-telling ability. SCARY! It puts me out there to meet people and potentially speak to people about the book and my opinions. SCARY!
  • I want to build a reading audience for my sites. SCARY!
  • I want my words and my sites to empower and inspire my readers. SCARY!

At the end of an hour and a half, our group time with Vision Boards came to a close (not enough time). The lady who led the workshop allowed us to take home some extra materials and encouraged us to finish our boards. I will be finishing mine this week and will share it when I get done.

Have you ever created a Vision Board? I wrote about creating a Vision Board a year ago on my site Karna Tecla. You can read that article here.

If you haven’t created one, I want to encourage you to try this way of propelling your year forward. Dream, and dream big.

If you created a board this year, please consider taking a picture of it and sharing it.

Thanks for reading.


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