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Our lesson today comes from the Garth Brooks song “The River.”

Four days ago, 2019 was born, while 2018 faded into the distance, and each year I work to determine where I would like to find my life going and what I would like to accomplish.

In order to look and plan for the new year, I MUST look back and evaluate my journey thus far.

2018 contained 365 days, which means I had 8760 hours in which to chase my dream. My dream of maintaining a consistent writing schedule. My dream of completing my first novel and getting it published. My dream of sharing my love of music. My dream of traveling and exploring the world. My dream of losing weight.

I don’t feel that I’m as far along with these dreams and goals, BUT I don’t plan on stopping my journey.

At a writing conference this past September, one of the speakers asked us what we thought was the most expensive piece of real estate. I was thinking lake front property, ocean front property, somewhere with scenic pleasure and no lack of things to do.

Right? Wrong!

This speaker went on to say that a graveyard was the most valuable piece of real estate.


Because in the graveyard lie all the unrealized pieces of art, unwritten novels, unmade inventions, unattempted proposals, untried experiments.

This made an impact on me. What do I have in me that is undone?

2019 is my year to FOCUS. It is my year to write the novel, publish posts on my websites, play my music for people, explore the world to its fullest.

When I feel like the journey has been derailed or that maybe my dreams are too big, I take time to listen to “The River” written by Garth Brooks and Victoria Lynn Shaw and sung by Garth Brooks. The song refocuses me to follow those dreams even if I have to deal with a detour.

Life is the challenge and it is how we handle the challenge that makes our life.

The River Lyrics

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