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For the last two weeks, I’ve been creating a plan. A concrete plan. It’s not that I’ve gone into the new year before, but it has been rare that I have taken time to sit down and put together a calendar with tasks and goals and deadlines.


This morning, I stepped into my writing studio. I haven’t been up there in weeks. OK, really it has been more like a couple of months. I’ve been sitting in the living room with the television on or in a conversation with my husband or dealing with the chaos that has become my life.




When I sat down at my desk in my writing studio recently, I was overcome by the disorganization and chaos. That room became a “catch-all” room for everything fifteen months ago when my step-daughter moved in. I cleaned out what was in the guest room closet, the drawers, and covering the bed as I sorted paperwork and other items.


Now that room suppresses my creativity. It overwhelms me.


Here, take a look.

So, today, before I sat to write, I cleared off the desk – washed the glass – removed the distraction under the glass – and returned two of the shelves that used to grace my desk so that the paperwork can be organized.

Later this afternoon, I’m planning to remove everything that is on the floor (other than furniture that is) and pile it —– somewhere.

Then, I can go through and organize, or trash, what isn’t important.

Wish me luck.

But today, I can sit at my desk and feel at peace with writing there.

Check out Ink & Keyboard’s Facebook page. I will be posting daily writing prompt there. I set a timer and write for 10 minutes a day to a prompt. It has gifted me numerous pages of ideas and allowed my mind to play with a wide variety of topics.

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