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What Do You See in Opportunities?

I’m a planner, a list maker, a what-if finder, and sometimes a down right negative Nellie. For years, I have worried about what could go wrong in making decisions. I’d make a list of “pros” and “cons” and dwell on the cons.

I worry about whether or not people will read what I write, and if they read it, will they like what they read and want to read more. Sometimes that stops me in my tracks.

I worried about posting a Monday Morning Motivation on a Tuesday evening, but I posted it anyway.

I have worried about whether I will look ridiculous trying something, or whether a new recipe will taste good, or whether I will get hurt trying something.

It has stopped me from some things I look back on and wish I had tried. What? In high school, my Spanish teacher took a group of us to Mexico for a week. In Acapulco, we saw people parasailing, but the group of us felt too sunburned to try it. Now, I really wish I had tried.

I had the opportunity to travel with my grandmother to the 1967 World Expo in Canada, but I choose to stay home. Why? I can’t remember, but I look back and wish I had gone with her.

Several of my friends and I had planned to backpack through Europe after we graduated high school in 1976, but most, if not all, of us opted for jobs that summer.

*     *     *

At this point in my life, I am working to start looking at what could go right. It’s difficult, but each day is a new day to look back at yesterday and see if I was more positive than I worried.

Right now, as I type this in my camper, I know that it should have been published yesterday; however, yesterday I choose to spend with relatives who I seldom see. Then, we went home to the camper to pack and secure most of the contents so we could travel to Iowa to meet up with some fellow Forest River Owners (the brand of our camper) for the Amana Colonies Octoberfest.

I could have worried about my step-daughter house-sitting and dwelled on what could go wrong, but why? She is a 30 year old who needs to learn how to adult, and since we have cell phones, she can (and has) call if she doesn’t know how to handle something.

Because I let go of the worry, I enjoyed spending time with a few friends and family, attended two weddings (one was my youngest son’s wedding), attended a workshop on achieving your dreams, and worked on learning to live in a 27 foot travel trailer.

The positives?

  • I got to attend and enjoy the weddings and receptions.
  • I got to help decorate the reception venue for my son’s wedding.
  • I got to spend a couple of quality days with each of my son’s and their families.
  • I got to drive up to Oshkosh and visit my 95 year old aunt.
  • I am more at peace in the confines of the camper and the camping life than I thought I would be.
  • I am ready to experience Octoberfest.

*     *     *

So, do you look at opportunities and worry about what could go wrong, or do you jump at opportunities and see what could go right?

Thanks for reading.


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