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After Talking – Get Doing

I am quick to come up with ideas. I can talk forever about what I want to do and what I want to get done. I can make plans and develop solutions.

I’m a great talker, but often I continue talking so much that I have no idea where to begin.

Are you a great talker? Do you find yourself saying things like “I need to …” or “I should …” but never getting around to accomplishing that task?

It’s great to talk about what you want to accomplish. In fact, I’ve read (or heard) that you are more apt to accomplish your goal if you tell someone, write it down and share it on social media, or get someone to join you in your journey.

  • I’ve joined forces with my chiropractor to lower my cholesterol.
  • I’ve gotten involved with “My 500 Words” group to get myself back into a writing habit, and I’ve gotten my husband in on keeping me motivated.
  • I’ve gotten my husband moving forward with our plans to explore the world more.

Why am I more successful if I share my plans with someone?

  • Because they will begin to ask me how “such-and-such” is going.
  • Because I can get myself going in so many directions that I can’t figure out how to begin.
  • Because it is easy when I keep my plans and ideas to myself to find something to derail my plan; to waste my time; or convince myself that that task is too difficult, too ridiculous, or too time consuming.

Walt Disney was right. It’s time to begin doing that “I need to …” or “I should …” before you can’t or before the need to do something isn’t there anymore or someone else beats you to the solution.

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