Practicing in Public

September 6, 2018

NOTE: These “prompt pages” are written and posted with little or no editing. It is simply “showing up, butt in chair, fingers on keyboard” writing. I have included them here, NOT for your critics mind to dissect, but show what daily “exercise” writing and rough draft writing can do.

TODAY’S PROMPT: Keywords: Excaliburfireplacecampingtrafficblue

*     *     *

Sarah sat in the passenger seat of the F150 and stared at the road. “It’s December, John, don’t you think it will snow?”

“That will just may our excursion more interesting.”

John slowed the truck again. Traffic wasn’t something he had considered.

“It’s December and you’re taking me camping. Camping! You are definitely not in your right mind.”

The sun shone in the blue sky, but the temperature gauge read 36 degrees. John pointed at it. “Look, it’s not that cold.”

The drive continued, slowly, in silence. John put his blinker on and pulled off on an exit for fuel. “We could stop for lunch as well. I’m kind of hungry.”

Sarah got out of the truck and pulled her coat tightly around her. She glared at John. “If we weren’t so far from home already, I’d hitch hike back. And I know why you didn’t tell me we were going camping. You knew I wouldn’t go. I’ll see you in the restaurant.” She turned sharply and walked toward the building, slipping on the ice build-up that was already covering the cement.

John fueled and moved the truck to a parking place. He searched the restaurant and found Sarah huddled in a back corner. “If you’d just give the whole idea a chance, you might find that you like it.”

“First off, I’ve NEVER liked the snow or the cold. On a good day, a warm day, camping is an ok activity. Especially if it is at a resort style campground that has a warm swimming pool and the camper has all of the amenities. You are pulling a pop-up.”

“Sarah, I’m pulling the Excalibur of pop-up campers. I redid it myself. I insulated the entire camper. The beds are equipped with sleeping bags that are rated for below zero temps. And, I’ve got a site near the campground bathrooms. You won’t have to cook because I’m cooking over an open fire.”

Sarah sat, silently.

“Hi. My name is Charity and I’ll be your waitress today. Can I get you something to drink or are you ready to order?” As she spewed her memorized lines, she set a menu down in front of John and Sarah.

“Hot chocolate,” Sarah ordered. “And if you have macaroni and cheese, I’ll have that. If not, just a burger.” Sarah turned her attention out the window.

“Hot chocolate does sound good. And I’ll have a burger as well.”

After scribbling the order in her notebook, Charity picked up the menus and turned toward the kitchen.

It took a matter of minutes before Charity returned with the hot chocolates. “Your burgers will be up shortly.”

John sat a few more minutes in silence. “You have always told me you have an open mind. I guess that was a miscommunication.”

Sarah continued staring out the window.

“You never used to be a high maintenance woman. You used to roll with what life handed you. You used to love exploring and doing new, if not bizarre, things. What happened to you?”

*     *     *

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