Practicing in Public

September 2, 2018

NOTE: These “prompt pages” are written and posted with little or no editing. It is simply “showing up, butt in chair, fingers on keyboard” writing. I have included them here, NOT for your critics mind to dissect, but show what daily “exercise” writing and rough draft writing can do.

TODAY’S PROMPT Keywords: super – dawnexcitedsleepingcommercial

*     *     *

The dog flipped Kassie’s arm up with his nose. Kassie rolled over and pulled the blankets in around her. Peanut raced to the opposite side of the bed and jumped. He landed on the empty spot of the double bed that had been vacated by Roger over three hours earlier. Peanut licked at Kassie’s face.


“Do you need to go out?”


Peanut jumped down and ran to the door.


“Ok.” Kassie pulled on the terry robe and slid her feet into a matching pair of slippers. She grabbed her phone and followed the excited dog to the back door. “The morning is half gone.” Peanut raced out the door and down the deck stairs to relieve himself.


Kassie pressed Roger’s number on speed dial.


“Good morning, Beautiful.”


“Morning to you. Why didn’t you wake me before you left? I’ve got lots to do today.”


“Awe, Sweetie, you are just so beautiful when you are sleeping, I couldn’t.”


“Quit the crappy, sappy lines, Roger. I needed to be up this morning. I have got to finish that economics paper. It’s due tomorrow morning.”


“It’ll be great. You just worry too much. You are a great writer, and you will be an even better accountant. Just a few more days and you’ll have a degree in your hands.”


“Yeah, a degree and no job.”


“Something will come your way, I know it will.”


“In the mean time, I need to finish that paper.”


“I’ve got a meeting tonight with one of our commercial advertisers. I thought it was going to be this afternoon, but Blake just dropped me a text that the investors wanted it to be a dinner meeting.” He paused.




“I know you’re busy and this is last minute, but they want it a dinner meeting with our spouses.”


“What? How can I even find the time? How can they wait till the last minute.”


“Breathe, Kassie. I’ll see what I can do to leave you out of this.”


“No, I’ll get the paper done with what is left of this morning and this afternoon. I just won’t take a break for errands. I can do those tomorrow after class.”


“Are you sure?”


“Yup. Never know if there might be some opportunity lurking in the shadows. Maybe they might be in need of new accountant. Or maybe they know someone…”


“That’s one of the things I love about you. You are always looking for the potential opportunity. I’ll be home at 5:00 to take a quick shower and change.”


Kassie tapped the end call. “Come on, Peanut. We have to go in. I’ve got a lot to do.”


The mutt came racing up the stairs to the sound of his name and followed Kassie into the house.


A mug of hot coffee in her hand, she laid out the notes and papers and books on the dining room table. The document on her computer was named “This Last Damned Economics Paper.” She chuckled as she clicked the link and the document sprang onto the screen.


She began to read what she had completed so far and smiled. The coffee sat as her fingers flew over the keyboard to finish the document.

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