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2018: A New Year to Learn and Live with Passion

In early March, I began my 60th trip around the sun. It’s MY new year. Yup, I turned 60. We celebrated early by going to Nashville for breakfast and cocktails and then exploring the Country Music Hall of Fame.

As I looked at my calendar and began to fill in the days, I find my days full. I feel like I am busier now than when I was teaching high school and directing the school plays.

The greatest thing I see as my year begins to unfold is the opportunity to learn new things, to have new experiences, to explore new places, and to live life with passion.

*I am working to play the orchestra music for this season with competence and confidence. We just got an email detailing the music choices, the rehearsal dates, and the concert dates.

*I am working to develop a violin play list that I can bring out to the community. In addition, a friend of mine and I are preparing duets to play for Columbia’s First Fridays event.

*I am working to develop my blogging skills. I want to learn the technical aspects of blog design as well as being able to write a variety of posts.

*I am working on writing a novel with new vigor. I put aside the novel I had been working on because it had become a struggle. The change has given me new passion for writing.

*We have camping trips scheduled where we will explore our world, meet new people, enjoy grilling outdoors, and sit by the campfire.

*We are working to regain our health by getting regular exercise. In fact, we joined a gym about a month ago.

*We are working to eat with our health in mind.

*I am working on happiness and gratitude and trying to cultivate that in others.

*I am working on finding my purpose outside the day to day, week to week routine of teaching.

*I am working to cultivate passions in my life.

As I move forward with this blog, I am learning and sharing my journey to live life with passion and purpose. I have several projects and things to learn this year.

What new things are you planning to learn? Share with me in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.


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