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Words from Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

This weekend I finished Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Big Magic, and I wish I had been drawn to the book when it first hit the bookstores.

Gilbert’s writing style in this book felt like she was in the room having a conversation with me. I have been moved; I have been motivated.



Usually, when I read a book of this nature, I underline words, sentences, and passages and write in the margins. That is unless the book was checked out of the library. Then, I take detailed notes. By taking detailed notes on Big Magic, I can review them when I am beginning to falter and question myself.

  1. Ideas are all around me and waiting for me to be open to them.

  2. Don’t expect my creativity to pay the bills.

  3. If it seems that my creativity is faltering, move to a different form for expressing the creativity.


Big Magic has given me a clearer direction for working with my creative soul. It has rekindled the desire to show up every day with myself and get some kind of work completed. It has given support to the idea that it is ok to be a multi-dimensional creative. In other words, it is ok to be interested in a variety of creative outlets.

Thank you, Elizabeth Gilbert. Some day I would like to have a face-to-face conversation with you, but for now, thank you for this book.

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