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I was stopped in my tracks last week when my husband, who has a number of online/messenger/social media friends, tossed his phone onto the table after reading a message from one of these friends.

“What’s wrong?”

“My friend, __fill in the blank__, has nothing to eat in her house. I told her to go to the food pantry, but her response was ‘God will provide.’”
I always shake my head at this because people only get part of this correct. They forget the statement that I grew up with: “God helps those who help themselves.”

I’m the last person who should be preaching to anyone, but if we sit around waiting for life to take action on us, we could be sitting around for a long time.
Nobody is going to write that paper for you. (Well, yes, you could have someone write it for you, but then you have to pay them to do the work.)

Nobody is going to ____. Fill in the blank with what ever task/job/activity that needs to be done. It will still be sitting there, unaccomplished, tomorrow or the next day.

Regaining movement after knee or shoulder surgery is not going to happen unless you get up and go to physical therapy. It is the physical therapy and doing the exercises at home that you are given by the physical therapist that slowly give you the movement back.

Next time you wonder why nothing is getting done, ask yourself what you are doing to get the ball rolling.

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