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2018: A New Volume of You



Happy New Year and welcome to 2018.


If your life is anything like mine, 2017 was quite a roller coaster ride.

As I reflect on 2017, it’s time to examine the accomplishments and the non-accomplishments. Some accomplishments took a great deal of planning while others were almost spur-of-the-moment. Some of the goals that I wanted to accomplish became non-accomplishments.

Why examine 2017 with such scrutiny?


Because I need to determine why certain things became accomplishments while others fell by the wayside. I need to look for motivation to tackle my “to do” list for 2018.



How fitting for a 2017 to end on a Sunday, the last day of the week (at least in the Christian calendar) and a day of rest, and our new year, 2018, to begin on a Monday. It has happened only eight other times in my life time and won’t happen again until 2024.

It’s time to close out the 2017 volume of your life. You had 365 pages. How did you fill them? What did you accomplish?



It is time to take out the 2018 volume of your life. You have 365 pages to fill in 52 chapters.


“Every morning starts a new page in your story. Make it a great one today.”

Doe Zantamata


How will you complete these chapters? What will you do each day to develop yourself? How will you react when life sets a hurdle in front of you?


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