5 Foods That Are Better Cooked Over a Campfire

I can’t wait to go camping again. For some reason, the food always tastes better when it is cooked over the campfire. We even have a couple of recipes that we tried to do on the kitchen stove or in the oven, but they never taste quite the same.

#5 – Steaks

At the end of almost every camping trip, we try to find a local butcher shop and purchase two steaks. Cooking steaks at home on the grill only comes slightly close to the flavor of the steaks cooked over a campfire. Go withs? Foil wrapped potatoes and if we can find it, corn on the cob.

#4 – Burgers

Almost every camping trip finds us making burgers one night. Burgers kissed with the flame of the wood campfire.

#3 – Goulash

When we first started camping in the early 2000s, I had only been camping a couple of times so I searched the internet for some campfire recipes. One of my favorite recipes was for goulash. I’ve tried this recipe in the oven and on top of the stove in the cast iron, but it never tastes as good as it does when we cook it over the campfire. I lost this recipe when we cleaned out our pop-up camper to trade it in. Some day I will find it again.

#2- Spam & Eggs

One of our trips found us camping in a state park in Georgia. Since our destination was Florida, this was a short overnight. By the time we got to the park the sun was setting, and by the time the tent was pitched it was completely dark and we were hungry. We were too tired and it was too late to cook anything heavy so we had breakfast for dinner: Spam and eggs and toast. It has become a regular (at least once on every camping trip) meal.

#1 – S’Mores

What else says you are camping and there is a campfire than good old S’Mores. We sometimes make them when we have a fire in the fire pit in the backyard, but they taste best late at night with friends at a campfire.

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What tastes best on the campfire for you? Share your ideas and even your recipes.

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