Nashville Repticon: An adventure worth experiencing

Snakes and lizards for pets, Oh my!

I love to find a reason to wander up to Nashville. This past weekend was no exception.

Thom had an appointment in Nashville earlier in the week, and on our way, signs for Repticon: Nashville Reptile and Exotic Animal show. How cool is that?

We had a busy schedule that week, but we figured that we could check it out on Sunday.

Oh, the new-found pets we could have purchased to join our family, but with dogs, I don’t think snakes and lizards would be a good thing.

If you have never been to a reptile and exotic pet show, you must experience it at least once. Besides spiders, snakes, and wide variety of lizards; there were lion head rabbits, hedgehogs, scorpions, a parrot, and a wide selection of habitat supplies for your newly adopted pet if you chose to purchase one.

This gorgeous guy was the lady’s personal pet and not for sale, but he decided he could be my friend for a short while.

Most of the vendors allowed you to hold or touch at least the reptile.

And we almost went home with this adorable lizard named Ribbon. He was, the vendor said, a gargoyle gecko.

We didn’t buy anything this time around, but the Nashville Exotic Pet Expo will be back October 21st and 22nd. That show is supposed to be bigger than this one.

Maybe I’ll see you there.

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