5 Top Reasons I Choose Camping

Although there are number of ways and places to spend an evening when you are exploring the world, my husband and I choose camping over a night in a hotel.

These are the top five reasons I would rather spend an night in our “hotel on wheels,” or our “condo on wheels,” or our “time-share on wheels” (AKA our camper) instead of a luxury hotel or resort.


In general, the cost to spend a night at a campground (in most places) is considerably less than the cost of a hotel. Yes, I know that it costs money to purchase a camper (our is a tow behind), but in the long run, camping does seem to win out.


There is no need to lug our suitcases and other necessities out of the back of the truck and into a hotel room. Then, when we move on, lug them back to the truck and attempt to pack them the same way as when we started out. The clothes stay in the bedroom, the bathroom items in the bathroom, and our personal entertainment items are in the kitchen and living area.


With our camper, we have full living space, not just the desk and bed and single chair that hotel rooms seem to have. Our camper is more like having a personal suite.


For the most part, I find that the people who utilize campgrounds are friendlier than the people staying at a resort or hotel. For years, our tent and pop-up camper had no locks, and I never worried about someone messing with our stuff.


Food cooked over a campfire just tastes better than restaurant food. Even though we dine at local restaurants when we travel, I love breakfast and dinner cooked over the wood campfire. I have even tried to make some of our favorite camping recipes at home on the stove or in the oven. They just don’t taste the same.

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If you are a camper, why do you like to camp?


If you utilize the resorts and hotels, why are you drawn to that?

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