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TRY: One of the Most Important Three Letter Words

I don’t know about you, but this quote was exactly what I needed for this week.

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”

Found it on a Google search, but without anyone to credit the words to.

I sometimes find that I am the type of person who has lots and lots of thoughts. I talk a lot; I plan a lot; but when it comes to follow through, I falter.

I have, however recently, stopped with the ideas and put on an “I’ll try it” attitude.

This attitude has found me practicing in my music room almost daily. I play violin. I play violin with an orchestra. Although I began playing in fifth grade and continued with orchestras through college, there was little time for practice and orchestras when I had a full time job and was raising my kids. In 2010, when my husband began driving truck over-the-road and was gone for anywhere from one to ten weeks at a time, I had to find something to occupy some of my evenings. Even my children had grown up and moved out on their own (in 2010 they were 24 and 26). Hubby and I talked about my getting out and getting involved.

The community college course guide had come in the mail and I perused the opportunities. Looking for … What was I looking for? I hadn’t played with an orchestra for nearly 28 years. Ok, I had played for a high school musical, but that really doesn’t count as a heavy commitment. I left work one January afternoon in 2010 and drove to the community college and registered for the College and Community Orchestra. Rehearsals on Monday evenings. It took a long time to get my playing stamina back and my speed at reading music and my skills in playing. But I did it.

In 2015, when we moved to Tennessee from Illinois, I searched for an orchestra. Score! I wouldn’t have to drive to Nashville (although I was prepared to audition for the Nashville Philharmonic Orchestra and make that drive) every week.

Now, after playing with this growing community orchestra, the director informed us about a month ago that she would be holding chair and section auditions. I decided I needed to try to remain playing with the first violin section if now secure first chair, but if I was going to accomplish that, I would need to decide to try.

Yes, there have been days where I have absolutely NO desire to practice, but no one is pushing me except me.

I remember, as a kid, my mother having to push me to practice; my teachers having to push me to practice. I loved to play, but as most kids will tell you, I hated to practice. But you truly gain little proficiency without practice, and you gain little practice without the decision to try.

Can I take this further in my life? Of course I can, and so can you.

What is it that you would like to accomplish?

What steps have you decided to take in order to accomplish that goal?

If you are saying “NONE,” then my question is “WHAT IS STOPPING YOU?”

What is stopping you from deciding to try?

Is it the fear that you might succeed? (If so, you are not alone. Many people feel that way.)

Is it the fear that you are not good enough? (So what? If you don’t try, you will never know.)

Is it the fear that everyone else is better than you are? (Really? How on earth do you possibly know that?)

Today. This week. Make the decision to try.

Let me know how it goes.

Thanks for reading.


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