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Guilty, as charged. Those of you who know me, know that I sometimes plan too much or say “yes” to too much. By doing that, I don’t always get as much done as I desire to.

When it doesn’t get done, it says something about you. Some people will understand, but others will not.

If you are like me, your “to do” list is enormous: some things are self-inflicted (like doing laundry on a specific day or paying all the bills in one day), but others come when we continually say “yes” to an activity, a position, or a responsibility. By learning to say no and prioritize, we start to eliminate some of the stress that exists in our life. A friend of mine talks about she has freed up some of her time in her blog Mary Fran Says.

Right here, right now, I pledge to only say yes to doing what I know I can do. That means this week I must bake cookies, granola, and cupcakes for my husband to take to his week long wood turners’ workshop, I must meet my editorial calendar for this blog (for the first time), practice for my chair audition (I play violin with the Spring Hill Orchestra), and I must photograph my husband’s inventory and put it up on our website and Etsy page. The other things I want to get done will sit at the bottom of the list. These are all on the top.

What will you get done this week? What will you learn to delegate to others? And what will you learn to say no to?

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